Photos by Maria Martinez-Cañas from her series, Quince Sellos Cubanos, presented in this issue of JFS.

Photos by Maria Martinez-Cañas from her series, Quince Sellos Cubanos, presented in this issue of JFS.

William Bartram, Florida Softshell Turtle (Apalone ferox)

William Bartram, Florida Softshell Turtle (Apalone ferox). “Here are, as well as in all the rivers, lakes and ponds of East Florida, the great soft shelled tortoise.” Travels, 1791. Image courtesy of Documenting the American South. 2002. University Library, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 11 December 2015 (

Volume 1, Issue 5, 2016

Travel and Travels, Part 2

Co-Edited, Thomas Hallock & Casey Blanton

True Places
Casey Blanton, Editor in Chief, JFS

City of a Hundred Fires
Chantel Acevedo, University of Miami

Only One Identity
Manuel Cachán

Bay of Horses
Appaloosas in the Vineyard
Rick Campbell, Florida A&M University

The Ink Garden
Two Glazed Bowls
The American Book of the Dead
Debora Greger, University of Florida

Nuclear Fallout: Tales From Miami
Heidi Hutner, Stony Brook University

Book Review: Louisiana and the Gulf South Frontier, F. Todd Smith
Devin Leigh, University of California, Davis

Shuttle Diplomacy, Cuban Style: How José Martí's Florida Travels Built a Movement - And Funded a Revolution
Alfred J. López, Purdue University

Quince Sellos Cubanos
Maria Martinez-Cañas

Peter Meinke, Eckerd College

Book Review: Indian River Lagoon: An Environmental History, Nathaniel Osborn
Leslie Kemp Poole, Rollins College

Authorship, Audience, and Ethos in Postbellum Florida Guidebooks
Elizabeth Powers, University of Maine at Augusta

SR 80 – Circling the Pond: Shells, Sugar, and 1928
Cathy Salustri

Upon the Side of the Interstate
JoEllen Schilke

Blackfish-ing for Buzz: The Rhetoric of the Real in Theme Parks and Documentary
Steven W. Schoen, Rollins College

"The place to forget the outside world, and live in one’s self": Harriet Beecher Stowe and Florida as Frontier
Gregory D. Specter, Duquesne University

Some Floridas
Marty Williams, Valdosta State University

Volume 1, Issue 4, 2015

Travel and Travels, Part 1

Guest Editor, Thomas Hallock, Ph.D.

Joshua Sivils, Assistant to Editor

Thomas Hallock, University of South Florida St. Petersburg

William Bartram’s Inimitable Picture: Representation as the Pursuit of Natural Knowledge
Elizabeth Athens, Worcester Art Museum

Hardboiled Travels with Bill Bartram
Michael Wiley, University of North Florida

Hunting the Flower Hunter in Native American History
Mathew Jennings, Middle Georgia State University

King Paynes Prairie
Lola Haskins, Poet at Large

Mark Dion: Travels of William Bartram Reconsidered, Reviewed
Karen Bearor, Florida State University

Premediating Ecological Crisis: A Visual Rhetoric of Florida Sinkholes
Jacob W. Greene, University of Florida

Florida First Contact
Alison Nordström, Independent Scholar & Curator Specializing in Photographs

Most Distant Antiquity
Jesse Graves, East Tennessee State University

Beasts of Burden and Other Beasts: William Bartram’s Traveling Humane Persona
Thomas Doran, University of California, Santa Barbara

Establishing a Bartram Trail in Putnam County
Dean Campbell and Sam Carr, The Bartram Trail in Putnam County

Flea Market
William Logan, University of Florida


Cultivating the Wild
Eric Breitenbach, Daytona State College

Bartram the Artist: A Field Guide
Shelbey Rosengarten, St. Petersburg College

Requiem for the Fort Gates Ferry Road
Richard Franz, Emeritus Associate Scientist, Florida Museum of Natural History


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