Call for Papers – Journal of Florida Studies, Vol 2, Issue 1

Journal of Florida Studies, Vol. 2, Issue 1 – WATER:  Guest Editor, Nico Wienders, Ph.D. Université de Bretagne Occidentale, 2000, Physical Oceanography, Florida State University

Dr. Wienders is an Associate Scientist at Florida State University and holds a PhD in physical oceanography. He has been studying the motion of the ocean for more than two decades and his research involves numerical modeling on high performance clusters but also observations. Recent studies addressed the Gulf Stream separation, multiphase convection in the Gulf of Mexico or forced and intrinsic variability of the North Atlantic Ocean. Nico went to Antarctica on various occasions, investigating diapycnal diffusion in the Circumpolar Current and deploying all sorts of instruments. After the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, he for instance went to deploy an unmanned sailing vessel, the SailBuoy. The wind-propelled instrument looks similar to a surfboard and was equipped with two-way satellite communication for real-time data streaming. During his career, Dr. Wienders also went on expeditions to Iceland, the Indian Ocean, the Galapagos Islands or the Gibraltar Strait, to name a few. While in Florida, Nico is also often on the water, sailing, kayaking, training for triathlons, conducting wildlife surveys at the Wakulla Springs State Park or performing his ambassador duties at the Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge.

We "lie in the marshes like dark coats / forgetting that we are water” W. S. Merwin

We know by now this is true. The words, We Are Water/Somos Agua, have become a rallying cry to respect, understand, and preserve our fragile water systems.  Journal of Florida Studies joins in this effort by inviting submissions for our next themed issue, WATER.  The editors believe that the subject of water now more than ever merits attention and discussion in the face of the loss of memory about the importance of water. As is our custom at JFS, we want to approach this subject in a multidisciplinary way, so we invite submissions from all disciplines. Below is a partial list of possible approaches, but submissions are certainly not limited to these.

DEADLINE: June 30, 2017 for an October publication

Please send all submissions or queries to Casey Blanton, Editor, JFS -

For Submission Guidelines, please see Journal of Florida Studies Manuscript/Art Guidelines.

Possible approaches of the theme of Water include: